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“Never let someone else pack your chute”

The above statement is the warning given to parachuters. I was taking the word of others that one cannot get 4K from the FS7 via HDMI. Others have said that the highest resolution available from the HDMI is UHD and I repeated that as definite.

We were wrong.

Using the Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+ with the latest firmware which is as of now 4.10.100 I recorded 4096x2160 video from my FS7 via the HDMI.

The FS7 was in CineEI mode and set to record internally using Slog3/S-Gamut3.cine in XAVC-I at 3840x2160/23.98P. I used the SELP18105 and I think I had the correction set to AUTO even though that supposedly does not work above 1080p/60. After turning the camera off and on the lens correction is off so maybe it was not on but one or more folks have said it goes off when you cycle the power so I am not sure at this point.

By the way, at least one user has reported that the VF LUT gets burned in when the lens correction is on (AUTO?). I have not seen this so far but I will test further.

So getting back to the settings, I went to the output settings and much to my surprise I was able to select 4096x2160 for the HDMI. I connected an HDMI cable to the 7Q+ and set about telling it to record 4096. For those that do not have a 7Q+ you can follow along by downloading the manual at:

In the Odysseys one selects the camera model which then will present recording format options. After selecting the FS7 the 4096 options were using RAW. I don’t have the XDCA so I cannot do RAW and as I understand it RAW is an extra cost option on the Odysseys. So I looked at the list of cameras and selected Other which gave me 4K/UHD PRORES as a selection and I tapped that. The 7Q+ then did some loading process that took 10 minutes or more. Not sure what that is about but I will ask CD support. During this process the FS7 did an odd display lockup. The timecode was running but if I moved the camera the view did not update. I waited until the 7Q+ finished doing it’s loading and then left it on while I rebooted the FS7. After the FS7 rebooted I was able to record 4096x2160/23.98P to the Odyssey 7Q+ .

The 4096x2160 file exported from Resolve with the LC709A LUT is at:

You will want to click the download link at the top of that page and save it to a drive as the playback from Google is lower contrast and lower resolution.

So always test for yourself. Never let someone else dictate what is possible.

Robert A. Ober

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